I am delighted to announce that I have been offered a publishing contract by the modern house of Belvedere Publishing. I have largely ignored the world of commercial publishing for years now because their requirements seem to me quite narrow and their timescales so slow. Publishing my own work has been very exciting and enjoyable and I don`t intend to abandon it. However, since I discovered Belvedere I have been very impressed by their grasp that the world of book publishing has radically changed and what authors like me need has changed too. Our relationship begins with their publishing The Moves of Murder which I had brought out myself a few months ago. So, there will be a short time when the book is not available. Soon however it will be on sale through a much wider range of outlets than I could manage myself.It will of course be available again both as a physical print book and as an e-book

I will continue to be the publisher for my other books for the present and they contiue to be avialble as before from Amazon. That may change. It is early days in this new venture. Very exciting. I am hopeful it will introduce a large number of other new readers to the strange personality and uncanny insight of Chief Inspector Miguel Rojas



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