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Health Benefits of Coffee,Castanets and Don Quixote

I have always found that reading a good book made me feel better and brighter. So, it was a little surprising to read an article yesterday that announced as a new scientific discovery that reading can help you to relax, lower blood pressure and discover a more optimistic outlook.  Who pays for research like that? Every reader knows it is true. However, the notion received an added boost recently when I came across a strange book entitled "Light is a Living Being` by a Bulgarian named Aivanhov who evidently ran `a school for Initiates` in France. I won`t dwell on what that might have meant, but the book was a treasure house of beliefs about light which ranged from the incredible to the very interesting.  It claimed that regularly turning your thoughts to light and sunshine will do far more for your physical and mental health than any medication. An extravagnt claim probably, but in principle quite credible. I wondered if that was another reason why I so much enjoy writing about Spain. Italy, Greece etc and why a number of the reactions have been of the "it brightened my day" variety.


The print version of "Coffee,Castanets and Don Quixote" is now available at a cost of £5.16. The Kindle version is of course available at £2.66. I like to think that each sale brightens someone`s day as well, of course, as my own. The cover was profesionally designed at some cost. I felt that was effective for the e-book, but it does look magnificent in the print version.


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It is very satisfying to have it accepted and approved by such a discriminating audience

It is my latest book .  "Coffee,Castanets and Don Quixote" £2.61 is about four great and very different cities of Spain. The past is always very present in Spain and that adds a depth to the experience. This book covers events both awe-inspiring and hilarious as I wandered in great palaces, down dark alleys and in the hills above Barcelona. Go to its page for more information




Travel books can give you an instant taste of a country. That`s the aim of "Coffee in Cuba". At £1.92 ($3.00) it gives a unique experience of the wonderful island of Cuba. The island`s politics are controversial but its people are magical. Along with it are shorter accounts of trips to the hilariously dysfunctional old Soviet Union, magnificent Rome , the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes and the mainland of Greece with the ancient Greek entrance to the underworld and the breathtaking monasteries of Meteora. 


The novels also take you to foreign places which are unforgettable;

"Masks of Venice" at £4.60 is a paranormal romance set in the unique Italian city.


"The Women from Crete" £3.60 is a murder story set mainly in the historic Spanish city of Ronda


"The Celebrity of Anders Hecht" is also a murder story set in 1968 Paris and the waters of Tenerife 20 years later. It is much more for someone interested in the history and psychology of leadership and love.



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