I have now published the first of my books about travelling in Greece, COFFEE WITH THE COLOSSUS  The country is famous for its ancient wonders but I have found the modern country still supplies many. One of the wonders is how Greeks manage to communicate with each other in such a difficult language, but they do. I suppose a lot of people don`t know much more about the country than sunshine, debts and Moussaka. Although it is a small country it has immense variety. This book recounts some of my adventures when white-water rafing or hunting for the dragon lakes in the mountains of the north, investigating Knights Templar in Rhodes, having wonderfully fresh fish and wine with friends by the beautiful bay of Chania in Crete or sailing to Santorini, site of the greatest explosion in history.Even people who believe they know or care nothing about Greece have had their lives and their language enormously influenced by it if they speak almost any European language. When thinking of its wonderful culture and history it may be tempting to think of it as a museum. I hope my book can go a little way to showing how much interest, fun and vitality the modern country affords.

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