I opened a cupboard I rarely use. Some photographs fell out. I saw a face that had once meant so much to me. Years, no decades, rolled back and I was again in that  adventure that had changed me forever. I relived that chance meeting in a hostel on Boulevard Raspail, Paris. So much had changed in me and the world but that spark was once more a flame. In its warmth and glow I was back with her in that Paris apartment and then as we travelled.

We travelled in the most dangerous way from the north of France, down through Champagne country to luxury in Nancy and the open road from the German border. We were so young, so brave and so adventurous. We were by turns nervous, joyful, bewildered and rescued by a guardian angel. Hard to explain our escapes in any other way. Was I in love? Certainly, but with the beautiful young woman or the landscapes of Frace or by the ancient enchantment of Heidelberg, the fairytale castles of King Ludwig?  Perhaps simply in love with a freedom that took us to legendary beauty, snowclad Alps and then the hazardous, chilling journey through one hundred miles of communist Germany to Berlin, surrounded and threatened by Stalin`s forces. But without her would I have done it at all. Without her would that spark have so readily ignited those memories. Well now they are captured in print as I should have done so many years ago.

Time may have tried to rob us and erase those heady days but now they are captured.




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